The Unbearable Banishment: Dinner and a Shoo

Friday, March 28, 2008

Dinner and a Shoo

I saw “Parlour Song” at the Atlantic Theater Company last night. It’s a contemporary British comedy/drama by contemporary British playwright Jez Butterworth. He’s a great writer with a spiffy name. I absolutely loved it. The play was very funny, but it didn’t have a neat, tidy, happy conclusion and for that I was glad. At the end of the play, all three characters stood with blank looks on their faces and the grim realization that they somehow have to find a way to rise above the disappointments in their lives. Just like you. Just like me. Sam Sheppard sat right behind me. Someone didn't use sunscreen when they were younger!

Before the show I ate at a skeevy diner on 7th Avenue and 23rd St. I ordered ½ a broiled chicken but I don’t think I was served a chicken. I think it was ½ a broiled wren or, perhaps, ½ a broiled hummingbird. Thankfully, I didn’t have much of an appetite to start with or I would have had to chew-up the bones as well. After the play I had a sweet tooth so I ducked into one of those scary little bodegas on 7th Avenue and bought a package of Reese Sticks. It cost $3.00! That’s $1.50 per stick! What the hell is WRONG with this town?!


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