The Unbearable Banishment: Blockhead

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Last week, I walked down 7th Avenue, took a right on 30th St. and then walked over to 8th Avenue. Here's what I passed while strolling down 30th St.:

Megaris Men's Furs (Men's furs, for Christ's sake! Super Fly TNT must be back in town.)
30th St. Guitars
Image Anime (The go-to place in New York for Japanese anime mags.)
American Dental Center
The Recording & Rehearsal Arts Building
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
D.P. Cigars (Proprietors of fine handmade cigars featuring the imported Bravo El Grande 9" 62 Gauge. Viva!)
Urban Stages Theater (Theater for those whose political leanings are to the left of Mao.)
Rebel Nightclub (Live music, all night long.)
Antonio Oliveri Drop In Center (Yes, there are still junkies in Manhattan. This place hasn't been COMPLETELY sanitized.)
The Molly Wee Pub and Restaurant

Without straying off this one block, you could conceivably find yourself smoking an expensive, hand rolled cigar in your full length mink coat while buying a new Gibson Les Paul and then taking in some guerilla theater after enjoying a hearty Irish meal and a pint o' Guinness, during which you read the new issue of Megami. After the theater, you could stop and say a novena that the demo you just cut would get your band a Friday night slot, for which you would look razor sharp with your newly whitened teeth.

There’s more life in this measly 1/5th of a mile than there is in the whole expanse of my sleepy bedroom community in New Jersey.


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